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David Callahan was born in a US Army hospital in Nuremberg, Germany in 1951 to Sergeant William Briggs and Doris Mable Briggs.  David’s mother died eleven months after his birth.  David has one older brother named James, and three half brothers.   

David and James were adopted by their maternal grandparents who changed their last name to Callahan. In 1957 the Callahans moved from East Freetown, Mass. to Tallahassee, Florida.  Five years later David’s grandfather passed away leaving their grandmother, Isobel, to raise her young grandsons. Isobel had only an eighth grade education but earned her high school diploma at a local vocational school. She raised the boys on a small social security benefit and a part time church secretarial position. David was taught by his grandmother about God and the salvation of Jesus Christ which would become the foundation upon which he based his Christian faith.

David Callahan’s first job was as a church janitor at Crawfordville Road Baptist Church where he worked with his brother.  His first sales/political experience was developing a newspaper route in Tallahassee for the St. Petersburg Times. David displayed leadership traits in high school where he became the President of his sophomore class, and later President of the Student Council at James Rickards High School. David is no stranger to hard work and financial responsibility. Throughout high school, and college he worked at multiple jobs including as photographer for the University Newspaper and Public Relations Office. He’s an alumnus of Florida A&M University where he earned a B.A. in Graphic Arts Technology. 

In 1977 David moved to Atlanta where he worked in the printing industry until 2011, when the company that he had been working at for the previous fifteen years closed due to the recession. He earned his Georgia Insurance License and sold insurance until he decided to retire and devote his efforts towards improving his community.  David was married from 1987 to 2011 and together they had two children, William and Kimberly. Both are college graduates; Williams is a licensed architect and Lieutenant in the Army Reserves and Kimberly is currently pursuing a Masters degree at Boston College.  

David has a history of involvement and leadership in his community and church. He formerly served as a deacon and treasurer at First Christian Church of Mableton. He also served on the board of the Blue Springs Homeowners Association and is currently involved as a volunteer with Bill Glass Behind the Walls Ministry, equipping the Church to share the Gospel with the incarcerated.  

David Callahan lives in the new City of South Fulton, in the 13th Congressional District, Georgia House District 63, and Georgia Senate District 39. He will work to promote Pro Life and conservative policies and values, with an emphasis on faith and strengthening family formation.  He will work to stimulate prosperity and promote stable communities. 

David wants to work to expose corruption in government and to enact laws requiring our leaders to play by the same rules as those they govern.  He strongly believes the federal government should be reduced in size and that much of that authority should be returned to communities. David wants to help make the government more efficient, effective, and accountable by demanding every agency be transparent. David believes strongly in the sanctity of human life and was endorsed by Georgia Right To Life PAC in the 2018 campaign. He is firmly committed to making it easier for working citizens to vote and making sure that the States eliminate voter fraud. 

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