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On Life

I support Georgia's Heartbeat Bill. Democrats in Georgia's 63rd House and 39th Senate Districts hold hard left Pro-Abortion positions and opposed the Georgia Heartbeat Bill.

After many years the ban on the most brutal of all forms of abortion, known as Partial Birth Abortion, was finally outlawed in the United States. This procedure was so gruesome that most media in the country refused to even describe it. Yet when it came to a vote in the U.S. Congress Georgia's 13th District Representative David Scott voted against the ban. 

This was a bi-partisan bill as 63 Democrats voted with the overwhelming majority of Republicans in favor of the bill. But David Scott sided with the extreme pro abortion crowd, as he has done with every piece of legislation to move the U.S. towards civilized countries on this issue. 

I will do all in my power to protect the unborn. Any person who sets foot in the U.S. is afforded "due process" under our constitution whether they came her legally or illegally. Soon to be born children should have no less protection when their tiny feet are in America. I support Due Process Rights for soon to be born.

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