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I have known David since he ran for Congress in District 13, He is hard working, tenacious, and God fearing individual. I know He will keep his promises such as help advance and support Trump's policies, represent his constituents to the best of his ability, help solve the issues in District 63, and do the best He can for future problems or issues that may arise. He will never waiver in his love for life of the unborn, for all the people, he is proponent for everybody's prosperity, and He always follows the Constitution. — Olivia Angel

As the Chairman of the Clayton County GOP, I strongly endorse David Callahan: a man of integrity and character who, unlike Liberal Democrat David Scott, actually lives within the 13th District which he seeks to represent. — Garrett Ashley

As a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, and a retired Congressional Staffer, I am concerned about the future of our country. I believe David Callahan is a positive factor in a positive future and I support his candidacy for U.S. Representative from the 13th Congressional District. — Fred Chitwood

GREETINGS, I hoped that I could mail David direct with my apology for closing the door in his face Saturday in Ellenwood. I drove around the neighborhood attempting to find him to express my bad behavier in person, but to no avail . sincerely CHUCK — CHUCK EMICK

A vote for Callahan is a yes for this forward momentum of the United States and growing jobs, the economy, more profitable trade deals and success. We’ll be setting up a better America for our children. — Kent Gaines

I was skeptical about an honest man entering politics, but I know for certain David has the intellect and will power to Represent his voters better than anyone I have ever met. — Tom Jefferson

I endorse David Callahan because he is a hard working, totally dedicated, and highly knowledgeable patriot, who subscribes to Conservative values, and supports sound, forward looking policies for the benefit of all in the great state of Georgia. It is also time to retire Rep. David Scott, who has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the Democrats, and an obstructionist to the state, and the nation. — Joseph Kalcso

My name is Randy Keith. I enthusiastically endorse David Callahan for Representative for the Georgia 13th District for the US House of Representatives. Brother Callahan is a Christian with Christian values and is a principled Conservative Republican. He will stand up for his constituent's Constitutional rights and help to undo much of the evil perpetrated on us by the Socialist who calls himself a Democrat that is in office in the 13th District right now. — Randy Keith

I have known David since the 2016 election and am very impressed with his support ot Our President and conservatism. David is a super hard worker and patriot committed to moving our country to drain the swamp and support We The People. — Bonnie Keller

I endorse David Callahan — Leonard McCoy

After reading your bio and listening to your message you can count on 2 votes, my husband and I. God Bless you and your family. Keep the good fight up and I will order signage soon to spread the good word. Thank you. — Margaret Slovenz
Daniel Bogdan
Kalvin Chambers
Taylor Fleury
Doug Akin
Will and Della Ashley
Allen Baldwin
Addie Beg
Bruce Besch
Robert Grimes
Matthew Hardwick
Anders Alexander Hvass
Charles T Jefferson
Eric Jones
randy Jordan
Wesley McCoy
Diane T Munro
Vivian Powell
Randy Sinclair

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