A Comprehensive Guide for Warehouse Racking System


A warehouse is essential in every company, store, and other business. Being a warehouse owner, you might be aware of how it’s essential to keep this storage maintained.

The racking system, also known as pallet racking, can convert a simple room into a warehouse. This racking system is used to consume the vertical space of a room to store maximum stock and goods.

In the warehouse, vertical stands are designed by placing pallets on them. These pellets are then used to store the items. The setting of warehouse racking seems to be an easy task, but it is much more complicating than just putting the racks.

This guide will briefly explain you!

  • The benefits of the warehouse racking system
  • Points to consider before purchasing a racking system
  • Where to purchase

Benefits of Racking System

  • Better use of available space
  • Keep the things organized
  • Protect the items from ground bugs, water, etc.
  • Quick access to products
  • Enhance storage capacity
  • Increase the shelf life of products

Things to Consider While Setting the Warehouse Racking System

1. Available Space

The first and fundamental question that the seller asks their clients is how much space they will use as a warehouse. Not only are the measurements of space important, but also a rough idea about the room’s shape.

Both of these things help in planning the making the whole map of the racking system to get an organized and compact design.

2. Determine Your Budget

The price of the racking system depends on the place size and pellet material. You don’t have the option of changing your available space, but you can pick the material yourself. The installation fee is also relatively high as these systems are not easy to set up.

So, before ordering your system, make sure to check if your budget can cover all the expenses or not.

3. Prioritize Safety

Maintenance of health and safety protocols is the responsibility of the owner. The racking system comes up with many accidental risks in case of negligence. So, ensure that the pellets you are purchasing should be of high quality.

4. Size of Pallets

The racking pallets’ size is significant in the warehouse. The oversized pallets should be preferred over small ones as the risk of products falling is high in small-sized pallets.

5. Availability of All Items

The design of the racking system should be compact but with an easy excess of all the items. Make sure to leave enough space between the racks so you can easily use them.

6. Arrangement Is the Key

The proper arrangement of the racking system with a different place for different items is essential. While using the pallets, specify the racks for different product categories, old and new and more or less used.

This arrangement will allow quick access to every item and enhance work efficiency.

7. Labeling and Listing

Usually, the warehouses are large enough that it’s impossible to remember the exact location of every item. This problem can be resolved with the proper labeling and a complete list of all products, along with their rack numbers at the entrance.

Where To Purchase?

If you are looking for a dependable manufacturer of warehouse racking systems, RedSheep might be your destination. RedSheep is a china-based shopfitting manufacturer company of;

  1. Warehouse racking system
  2. Shopping carts, including steel and plastic shopping trolley
  3. Shop shelving

This company is not only a producer but also works as a supplier of well-known brand products in America, Europe, Asia, Russia, Germany, and Canada.

You’ll get a vast range of racking systems accessories for your warehouse with two years warranty, excellent quality, and reasonable prices.

For more information, check the official website of the company.

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