Care and maintenance of a pellet machine


Various variables may occur in the course of operating a pelleting machine. Therefore, you should give considerable attention to the machine to prolong its usage. Ideally, machines must always undergo adjustments to maximize efficiency and provide the best results.

To achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, you should always care for and maintain your pelleting machine using various care and maintenance practices. Notably, your pelleting machine does several things, including production of quality pellets, generation high temperature for drying the material, and other movements. Therefore, it would be best to practice care and maintenance practices for the pelleting machine.

What are some of the items that might cause the machine to fail?

Like any other machine, a pelleting machine has specific issues with a high chance of causing variation. Most of the possible occurrences can be noted in advance and controlled before they cause major damage to the pelleting machine. These issues include:

  • Fluctuation of electric current
  • Bridging of materials in the surge bin
  • Oversized material feeding
  • Accumulation of steam in the pelleting chamber
  • Fines returning from the sieve
  • Bin hang up
  • Variation of moisture
  • Dried lubrication

These are few among many other variations that might cause the machine to malfunction if not taken care of as needed. Reading the manufacturers’ instructions on taking care of the pelleting machine might help in caring for the machine. This way, you might find your pelleting machine helpful for longer than you expected.

Care and maintenance of pelleting machines

You will be surprised to know that the condition of your machine has everything to do with your motivation. At the same time, the people working with you will also feel motivated when working with machines in good condition. As such, you may consider the following care and maintenance practices:

  • Daily brushing the pellet mill at least once each day and frequently if conditions require you to do so.
  • Always check and ensure the grease pump is greased and in perfect condition
  • Make sure the area surrounding the pelleting equipment is clean and good-looking. It would be best if you sweep the area after every choke and ensure the waste is disposed off well
  • In the case of a company, report any machine-related problems to the supervisor. If you are an individual, then responding promptly to any machine problem
  • Cleaning the feed or material chute whenever necessary
  • Checking whether knives are sharp and in good shape
  • Ensuring that the coolers and conditioners are cleaned once every shift
  • Cleaning the magnetic separator of the pelleting machine at least once each day
  • Lubricating the pelleting machine based on the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ensuring that the pelleting machine shear pins are always appropriately installed to avoid unprecedented mistakes

The pelleting machine is among the essential machines in the production of pellets. It can be termed as the heart of the pellet production process. Therefore, a high level of care should be placed to ensure it functions properly. Failure to care for the pelleting machine might lead to significant maintenance needs, thus causing financial losses.

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