How 3ERP is beneficial for CNC machining services?


With the advancement in science and technology, everything becomes easier and more computerized.  In the same way, CNC machining helps you with various tasks. If you need some qualified machining services then Try out 3ERP’s CNC machining service. It will give you services such as milling, metal and plastic turning, and grinding.

CNC services you can avail

Here, you can get help with tasks such as CNC machining routers, CNC turning, CNC machining, and EDM. Different kinds of equipment and tools are used to carry out the process of CNC machining. It can serve you for molding components like Mold basis, lifters, and mold cavities.

Benefits of CNC machining

  1. High precise and accurate material is manufactured, without any error.
  2. It works nonstop for 24 hours and 12 months and meets desired conclusions.
  3. It can work at a higher speed than manual labor so time is saved for other machining tasks.
  4. It can manufacture heavier to lighter and lighter to heavier complex parts.
  5. It helps to handle a large range of materials such as metals, carvings, rigid foam, and plastics.

What is the basic process of CNC turning

It is called the subtraction machine because the holding and rotation of material blocks remove the material to produce the desired shape tools. It is used to carry out operations such as facing, grooving, and parting.

Benefits of CNC turning

  1. CNC turning is more efficient to create circular and spherical shape products.
  2. It serves you with the processes of drilling, boring, knurling, and cutting shapes.
  3. IT serves you to produce 3-dimensional or multi-dimensional products.

What is the basic process of CNC milling

By using cutting tools a design of the desired shape is manufactured. It has limited dimensional movement. Due to this limited movement, it is more useful for prototyping and small production runs.

Benefits of CNC milling

  1. CNC milling is used in making mold components such as mold cavities, lifters, and sliders.
  2. 5- axis CNC milling is used to manufacture plastic and metal valves.
  3. CNC milling is used in the manufacturing of medical parts such as plates for bone fractures.
  4. CNC milling is used for manufacturing mechanical parts such as aluminum engine houses and covers.
  5. IT also helps in producing light and small-size products such as light guides and reflectors.

Aluminum CNC machining

With the help of the PRM machine fixed with small-sized cutters, it produces aluminum reflectors and aluminum mold cores. To manufacture a better quality aluminum component, the processes such as casting, and forging extrusion are used in CNC machining.

Uses of aluminum CNC machining

  1. It is used to manufacture structural components, electronic components, pipes, and different parts of aircraft and welded parts and tools.
  2. Aluminum is low temperature to low temperature and it directly increases the flexibility of CNC machining.
  3. Aluminum is easy to use with the machine because it is easy to shape, fold and drill.
  4. It is very useful in the conductivity of thermal and electrical materials.
  5. It does not affect by oxidation.
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