Reasons Why You Should Get A Popsocket


Smartphones are one of the most fragile gadgets we have, so we must do everything within our capacity to protect them. One of the things we can use to achieve this is the smartphone accessories produced to keep our smartphones safe.

An example of these accessories is the newly produced popsocket that has been developed to keep phones more secure. The pop socket is a plastic circle stuck on flat phones and phone cases attached to the back of the phone to handle the phone when using it safely. When you slide your fingers in between the phone and the pop socket, it helps you have a firm grip on the phone it’s attached to.

The different types and designs of popsockets that are being produced lately have made the demand for popsocket to increase greatly. Everyone wants to change the look of their phone, and the popsocket has been an already established way you can easily make that happen. Some even make use of custom popsocket that would have designs of their choice imprinted on them. These are not the only reasons why you get a popsocket for your smartphones, as we go on with this article  we would see other reasons why you should consider popsocket as a necessary accessory for your phone.

Benefits of A Popsocket

  • Use as a media stand: Popsockets can serve as an amazing stand when you watch movies or play video games on your phones. Popsockets are best centered at the center of the phone so that the phone can be tilted with the popsocket used as a trustworthy stand. It can also be used as a stand when taking pictures on a self timer.
  • Have A Better Grip: Popsockets possesses additional grip which makes us able to hold our phone by just getting hold of the popsocket. This feature of popsocket is mostly enjoyed by those that make use of large smartphones and have issues having a firm grip on it without any worry of it falling. And holding your phone with the help of the popsocket makes you always ready as it is easily accessible even when holding it.
  • Helps in using the phone near wet surfaces: One of the fragile parts of smartphones is that mounting smartphones on top wet surfaces is risky and can damage your phone. Popsockets nullifies this risk because the popsocket raises the phone above whatever surface it is placed on makes it so possible for phones to be placed on wet surfaces like sink or kitchen surfaces without it getting in contact with water.
  • Help manage your wired earbuds:Wired earbuds have often got tangled when kept in the pocket. The stress loosening it from being tangled is a strenuous exercise many of us would not like to go through. Popsocket has helped us in this case as wired earbuds can be wrapped around the earbuds when not in use of it.


Our smartphone is one of our most vital accessories, and therefore securing it should be one of our topmost priority. We can reduce the risk of our phones getting damaged by getting a popsocket and attaching them to the back of our phones.

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