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The exchange of data from one device to another is one of the indispensable corners. At present, several such applications or online sites are there which initiate the data transferring procedure. But whether this online mode of shifting the data is safe? Does it invade the user’s privacy? Several questions come when people think of transferring data through online sites.

However, it’s better not to transfer any personal or confidential data from one device to another through any online websites as these can easily sneak into the subjective input present on the phone. For a safe and secure exchange process, various established companies have come up with many applications. In other words, these applications don’t demand any kind of personal information during the transferring procedure. Nowadays not only data but also some applications can also be transferred from one device to another.

As the title of the article suggests it will convey an elaborated procedure of how one can Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS 16.

Step-by-step Guide To Transfer WhatsApp using Backup & Restore Method

· Backing up Messages

The user is highly recommended to backup all their chats using the apps’ built-in functionality on their android phones. This will help recover all the data later on the new iPhone.

· Installation of WhatsApp On iPhone

Now install the latest version of WhatsApp on your new iPhone from the app store. This shouldn’t take much longer. You can cover this step simultaneously while the messages are still being backed to the server on your Android device. That’ll save your time.

· Connecting iPhone with The Software

The Backuptrans software on the android will automatically detect the iPhone for smoothing transferring procedure.

Now install the Backuptrans app on your Android device and iPhone so it can detect your iPhone automatically on your Android device. Follow the on-screen guide for best results.

· Transmit WhatsApp Message

For commencing the transferring procedure, the user has to click on “Transfer Messages from Database to iPhone”.

· Confirmation

After clicking on the confirmation button the transferring procedure will begin.

Interesting Tips When Transferring

  1. After a successful transfer, if the WhatsApp displays any recovery suggestion on the iPhone, the user can follow the on-screen guide to recover the possible media and chats.
  2. In case the user used to install WhatsApp on their iPhone and skipped the restore option previously, they need to put the phone on the airplane mode and hit the settings option. Then the user should search for “Background app refresh” disable option from WhatsApp. After this, it’s necessary to connect with the Backuptrans software for transferring the data.
  3. If you’re new to iPhone and this is the first time shifting your WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, you might come across uneasiness due to changes in the interface of iPhone. Do not follow just any guide on the internet as there’s no guarantee how genuine they are. That’s why stick to this guide.


The above-cited segments of the article state two procedures for transferring data. Hopefully, it comes up as a useful one for the audience during their data-transferring strategy.

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