Why Should You Choose UWELL Pod Systems?


Get ready to embrace a new twist in your undeniably cool vaping. We know it’s been a while since you have been on a grave hunt to find the pod system of your taste. To help you wave off your worries, UWELL has brought you a spectacular range of pod systems to select from. While you vape Uwell pods, euphoria is sure to strike you hard.

This blog post is the best guide to convince you why you should choose UWELL pods systems.

UWELL Caliburn A2 Pod Systems

The new Caliburn range is the hosteller for a reason! It is elegantly designed with a smooth and sleek surface, further decorated with cut lines, giving it an overall distinctive appearance. Loaded with incredible features, the new range is scoring high.

Following are a few essential things that you need to know about this new pod system.

Flicker with Inhaling and Transparent Pod

Imagine what a spectacular sight it would be! Inhaling the vape juice from a pod while it flickers is a treat. This adds an overall fancy effect to your vaping device. This definitely speaks for your aesthetics and styling sense. Kudos to the manufacturers for giving a vibe to the old boring device!

The transparent pod is a beautiful feature since it helps you keep an eye on the vape juice’s gauge. The transparency of the pod promotes better visibility.

Color Range

Since a pod has already been declared a style statement, it’s not surprising to see the customers going around for color choices, as colors have got a lot to do with styling. The innovative minds are busy creating distinguishable stuff and have done an excellent job by introducing a range of colored pod systems.

The pods are available in colors like purple, gradient, black, gold, gray, and blue. These colors are brilliantly finished with a glossy and metallic effect.

Animated Light Matrix

This feature is the show stopper! The CALIBURN logo flashes while you vape. It not only flashes but indicates the battery’s current situation. The logo will flash in different colors at different battery levels. So, it’s not just the visual appeal but a logical indication to charge your device before it drains out and you miss one crucial session!

Top Filling

The brilliant range offers you options with hassle-free top filling. Uncap, refill and indulge in the goodness of flavored vaping.

Draw to Vape

It is as easy as pie! Whenever you need to take a vaping session, all you have to do is draw, and the device activates. This feature makes it remarkably distinct and convenient.

Pro-FOCS Flavor Adjustment Technology

An essential reason for vaping has gained fame is the flavors. People love to enjoy particular flavors while they vape. Pro-FOCS Adjustment technology is a savior for people longing for better flavoring as it restores the taste of the e-juice perfectly.

E-Liquid Check Window

The mini window provides you a space to sneak on your e-liquid’s level. This feature helps you stay updated about the current amount of e-liquid.

Type –C Charging Cable

If you are time bound, the UWELL pod systems are the perfect choice because they are equipped with the type-C charging cable, which can charge your device up to 90% in half an hour.


These new pod systems have refillable Pods. This enables you to have more pod options for your device.

The presence of a side refilling pod is super easy to handle. It has a meshed coil that ensures giant vapor clouds and an indulgent flavor.


The distinctive features of UWELL pod systems would undoubtedly have drifted you to the decisive point. It is an all-in-one package for people looking for quality combined with brilliance and vibrancy. The easy top filling, fancy colors, sleek display, compatible cartridges, quick charging, E-liquid Window, and others clutter to form this incredibly phenomenal range of UWELL pod systems. If we have conceived you enough, you must be seen rushing to get yours the next moment.

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