Buying the Right Dog Bite Suit (Complete Guide)


A dog bite suit is an attire worn by dog trainers to protect them from dog bites as they carry out training. Dog training scenarios use bite suits whereby the dog trains to attack the target in multiple areas of the body. In training, a person, acting as the perpetrator, wears the dog bite suit, and the dog thus attacks them. The police dog units and private companies train security dogs to use dog bite suits. A bite suit design protects the decoy from a dog’s bite during training.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Bite Suit

Provides trainer comfort

The bite suit should be lightweight, allowing the trainer to be cozy and flexible during training. A sound bite suit enables the decoy to take huge impacts while suffering less. A good suit should not be stiff, as it will impede the bait, thus slowing down the training process. An excellent suit should offer the decoy confidence in it. The suit should hide drawstrings and closures to prevent tooth injury to the dog. This feature allows the dog to engage the decoy harder without blundering.

Presence of Advanced Designs in the Arms

Dogs train to attack multiple areas on the target body, such as the biceps, hamstrings, triceps, calves, and inner forearm. Avoid areas such as the chest and back during training as they expose the decoy to dangerous bites on vital body parts. A good bites suit has additional padding on the arm and chest area to offer good biting ground for the dog. Check for a bite suit that allows you to lift your arms without hoisting the entire suit to prevent yourself from diverting the dog.

Convenient Suit Up

A good suit should have a broad leg design, closures, and snaps to ensure the trainer wears and removes it easily. The suit should have a zipper that allows the decoy to wear it with shoes. The suit should be laundering of the suit and facilitate frequent cleaning.

Portability and Added Pads on the Legs

The best bite suit has extra padding in the lower body to protect the lower torso while using props during training. An excellent bite suit is fitted with no allowance to reduce bulkiness and allow extra pads to take in leg bites during training.

Offers more target areas

A sound bite suit should allow for a complete contact front attack by having a vest that bends on the shoulder and chest area to create a region for the dog to bite. The customized vest from the shoulder to the armpit, allows the dog’s direction towards where the trainer wants them to engross. This allows the dog to have a full grip as though it was an actual situation of an assailant without the suit.


A dog suit is instrumental during dog training; therefore, the suit should be of high quality. A sound bite suit should have advanced designs in the arms and legs, offer more target areas, provide trainer comfort and be convenient to suit up. Keep these factors in mind as you purchase your next dog bite suit.

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