How to Store A Short Bob Wig

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Wearing short bob wigs is becoming a regular phenomenon in the world we live in today. Most wig lovers have many options to choose from when choosing hair options. There are lots of wig options in the market due to the development of the wig industry. More innovations continue to enter the market, and you have more people creating different types of wigs. Amongst these different wig types, one common trait is length. Wigs come in different lengths. Some wigs can cover the whole of your back. On the other hand, you may have some wigs that are long enough to reach the shoulders. It depends on what you want.

Amongst the different wig options, one that stands out is the Bob wigs. These wig types are different from other wigs. While other wigs compete for the most extended length on each side, the short bob wigs aren’t. Instead, these wigs adopt the shape of a wig cap. They make you look so different because everyone who has been used to you wearing long wigs will no longer see you wearing lengthy hair. While they may be short, these Bob wigs are cute and have a number of styling options. Moreso, it is one of the most convenient wig options. You will not have to deal with the wig affecting some parts of your skin. Also, you will have a reduced possibility of experiencing wig tangles with a short bob wig. However, that is not a gateway to storing the Bob wigs inappropriately. You may not get tangles, but you will get other defects if you store your bob wig wrongly. In this guide, we’d explain the best process to store your bob wig the right way.

Wash the wig properly

Before you think of storing a short bob wig, make sure it is very clean. If your Bob wig is currently in use, you may not wash it, but immediately after, ensure you wash it. For instance, if you decide to wear your short bob wigs for two weeks, always Comb it during that period. Immediately after the usage elapses, ensure you wash it. Remember to use great and suitable products for your hair all the time. Immediately after cleaning the hair, rinse the shampoo and add conditioner. The job of the conditioner is to restore the shine of the wig.

Ensure wig is properly dry

After adding conditioner, you can leave it for a few minutes before you rinse. This last rinse is to ensure there is no shampoo or conditioner on the wig before you store it. But you can not store the wig immediately after you rinse it. You need little time for your wig to dry. Some experts advise that you use a dryer at the lowest temperature, but we do not agree. Instead, we prefer to leave your wig to dry under natural conditions.

Store the wig

After following the process above, you can store your wig either in a plastic bag or on a hanger. To store in the plastic bag, you need to fold your wig correctly and put it in the bag. To store on a hanger, there is no need to fold it.

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