Neon Signs Lighting And How It Difference From LED


Neon lighting consists of shiny glass tubes, also in bulb form which is filled with different neon gases including electric current. Basically neon light contains cold cathode gas which is a form of discharge light. Both ends of neon sign light are covered with different gases with a kind of metal electrode. Also known as a neon tube that contains gases with low pressure.

Electrodes in these neon lights contain high voltage that displays an attractive light. High voltage helps the light to glow in different colors with the use of gases. The power of light glow depends on the quantity of gas. Keep reading this article to get more information related to neon signs and lights.

Basically neon is a unique gas with orange color light. But you can find this light in different colors. Yes, this is because of a mixture of different chemicals with gas. The gases include hydrogen which converts light into red color, helium gas converts into yellow, carbon dioxide gas changes into white color and especially mercury gas changes into blue color. All categories are available in your nearest LED neon signs shop.

You can find these lights in neon signs shops with different shapes with unique creativity including alphabets, numbers, things, etc. From 1020 to 1960 these neon signs were very famous among customers. Neon signs are stunning, multicolored glowing advertising displays.

Neon Glow Lamps, Their Plasma Display, And Applications

These lights are in lamps with electrodes that are positively charged or you can ask for it anode on the other side there is the negative end which is known as the cathode. The light part of the tube is thin from the negative region, originating from the cathode end.

That makes the neon light glow with full power using strong eclectic voltage. That will amaze you with its glow, brightness, and long-lasting positive vibes.

Some of the Neon lamps applications:

  • A device or gadget with pilot lights that indicate the existence of electricity such as an electric coffee pot or power supply
  • Ornamental or figura cathode lights with floral, animal, or other shaped cathodes.

Difference Between Neon Sign Lights And LED

Simply put, the greatest way to bring attention to and business to your organization is to have a sign outside that is brightly colored and well-lit to draw visitors in. Since humans are primarily visual creatures if you can get their attention, your chances of getting their business greatly increase.

Neon Sign Light

The main difference between LED and Neon is in its creation. Neon lights are manufactured in a glass tube. Chemical reactions with an inert gas that release energy and cause the emission of fluorescent color are what create the light.

LED Sign Light

LED lights and signage are created by tightly clustering light-emitting diode LEDs so that the light they produce overlaps and provides a constant source of light.

LEDs are often lighter and better shielded than neon lights since they are frequently encased in their own polymer jackets to protect each diode from injury from the outside.

Energy Efficiency Between LED And Neon

If you want the most energy-efficient lighting or signage option, LEDs are less energy-intensive than neon lights. Large neon displays occasionally need 15,000 volts to run, whereas LEDs only need 24 volts. However, this is now rather uncommon.

Cost Difference Between LED And Neon

The pricing difference between LED and neon signage will once again depend on the size of the light display you are building. But you still need to think about whether the cost savings are valuable.


Neon signs and lights are very attractive and are now a top trending product. You can buy it from an LED neon sign shop. Hope you have gotten all the information related to neon lighting that will be very helpful for you. These lights have different applications and are different from LEDs.

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