Our Absolute Guide to Making Money in the New World


In today’s world, everyone is looking for a way to earn money, whether in games or the real world. This article only discusses the virtual currency you can make in games like New World, so go now and learn some tricks and tips.

If you are a gamer and want to make money in the new world in no time, we have an absolute guide for you to achieve that goal.

New World is the big hit open-world MMO game that can offer the highest level of adventure with different opportunities to strengthen your destiny on Aeternum island.

The following steps are important if you want to make money in the New World:

  1. Complete quests
  2. Craft bags
  3. Board on expeditions
  4. Equipment sale
  5. Sell mining material
  6. Sale of craft material
  7. Become a herbalist
  8. Collect motes for tuning orbs

1. Complete Quest

If you are a player of New World, you will understand the importance of completing the quest, especially the main ones.

If you want to make more money in the New World, it is recommended to complete more missions like the one’s in-game campaign. These missions help you to earn the most amount sum.

By completing the main story mission in New World, you will make a good amount of money.

2. Craft Bags

Another way to earn money in the New World is by crafting bags for new players. Like any other souls’ games, New World payers have a dire need for bags even in the early stages because every item bag contains has its value.

3. Equipment Sale

You can make money by selling items you earn after killing mobs and monsters. This money-making strategy is very basic, but we guarantee you a significant profit.

Remember that the profit percentage depends on the item you earn in missions.

4. Sell Mining Material

By doing some hardcore work using your crafting skills, you can make a fair amount of money after selling mining material. You can farm oil from seeping stones and do some digging for iron or silver. This material can bring a good amount of money.

5. Sale of Craft Material

When you complete your game missions, kill mobs and enhance your crafting skills, you will be able to collect a good amount of raw material.

If you think that these materials are only for creating new things, you are wrong. These raw items are a very beneficial source of making money.

You can sell this collected raw material such as gold, iron, or stellar metal to any craftsman and earn money.

6. Become a Herbalist

You might be thinking about whether becoming a herbalist is a good option or not. But remember, sometimes small things can bring change. So, become a herbalist and gather herbs like paprika and cinnamon.

Trading these herbs can bring some special buffs and benefits because they are important for cooking recipes. Some herbs, such as barrier buds, are more valuable because they use craft mana potions.

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